I hope you get time to relax and charge your batteries over the holidays. I will spend time with my friends and family and do some experimentations with machine learning.

The whole AI area is progressing in a rapid pace now and there are some really nice literature and software libraries that make everything more fun and easy.

Check out Machine Learning Mastery for a really nice set of ebooks on the topic. I got the super bundle, so I have plenty of reading with me.

Theano is an interesting Python library for high performance math suitable for machine learning. It can use GPUs for accelerated math functions and also compiles Python code to C and then into machine code. Quick, quick, quick...

Tensorflow is an open source project released by Google that has everyone pretty excited. It is the machine learning library that process images, email (part of Gmail) and much more.

Keras is a high-level neural network that uses Theano or Tensorflow, it is also written in Python.

We will see what the machine learning experimentation / Christmas food ratio will be.