Original Minds

Always curious and open for new ideas!

Areas of expertise:


Original Minds has been working with virtualization for 20 years now. We have experience from both server and desktop virtualization, as well as large virtualization clusters with complex internal networking.

Docker / Container Virtualization

System design and scalability is something we have worked with as well. Both complex load sharing for high speed systems and customer isolation and flexibility for cloud based solutions. Moving locally hosted solutions to docker running on Google Compute Engine and Digital Ocean is something we have done.

IP Networking, Network Security and Scalable Architecture

More than 25 years of experience of network design, IP and data security and architecture for large operator networks, as well as multi location enterprise networks. The main part of Johan's patents are within the IP networking area (currently 77 patents).

Network security for virtualized solutions is also something we have worked with and know well.

Machine Learning / Data Science

Original Minds is getting into Machine Learning and Data Science now. Leveraging the knowledge from IP networking, virtualization and security, we see this as a really good direction for the future.

Innovation and inventions

Besides doing innovation internally, we have many years of experience of refining ideas and turning a large number of people into inventors.

Innovation coaching: Running brainstorming workshops, writing and reviewing invention disclosures and working as permanent patent board experts are things we've worked with.