Johan Kölhi

Certified Data Protection Officer and highly motivated, energetic and positive serial inventor that loves new technology, Internet, datacom, virtualization and innovation. I am married with three kids, big fan of music, photo, long distance running, computers and technical gadgets. I live in Vaxholm with my family and our dog.

I have been leading development work as a CTO, been designing networks and systems for large telecom operators, leading brainstorming sessions, giving presentations for crowds between 2 and 250 people and much more.

I am an inventor: With over 77 patents myself I have helped many people to get their first inventions doing innovation coaching.

I have also been building prototypes and demonstrator systems involving virtualization, cloud computing and distributed processing.

What others say about me:

Some recommendations from my LinkedIn Profile

Tony Meijer (CTO, Innovate Security AB):

"It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Johan.

We hired Johan as a freelance consultant for implementing a scalable infrastructure solution for our flagship project and he completed the project on time while on a very tight deadline.

I was particularly impressed by Johan’s ability to handle even the toughest constraints effortlessly.

Finally, Johan would be an asset to any team in my humble opinion."

Sara Bern (my manager at Ericsson):

"To hire Johan was the best move ever, when creating the Presales team at Ericsson Datacom! He was excellent at his work and so was his results! Always easy going and happy, still vigilantly keeping the goal and the customer in sharp focus. He was attracting other applicants like a magnet, simply because he was good to work with. He was always positive and patient to share his competence, also with new cooworkers in need of advise."

Victor Souza (colleague at Ericsson Research):

"One of the most energetic persons I have ever met in the working place. Johan is always ready to take new requirements and come up with creative ideas. Johan can tackle complex tasks with pragmatic and smart solutions. Johan is the team player that goes to the whiteboard when everyone has run out of ideas. I'd strongly recommend Johan both for his competence and for his approach to work."